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Congratulations to the Lafayette High Band for being named Southern Division Winners (and National Finalists)

With this award, we were selected as finialists of the NATIONAL Blue Ribbon Award

The NATIONAL BAND ASSOCIATION is made up of five divisions throughout the United States.  In addition, we are proud to share the news that Lafayette High School has been named 2014 NBA NATIONAL BLUE RIBBON AWARD RECIPIENT sponsored by the National Band Association!!!  
Congratulations folks!  We all knew that our students are very deserving of such an honor!  It's just nice that the rest of the country is beginning to realize it as well!  
The wind ensemble's southern division performance is featured on the NATIONAL BAND ASSOCIATION website.  Please enjoy their performance at  

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Check out the fundraising page.  Lots of information has been added.

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It is time for 2015-2016 LHS BAND BOARD NOMINATIONS:

Nominations for the 2015-2016 school year are now being accepted.  Anyone may nominate someone else or themselves.  All nominees must be in good standing with the band financially.

This is the place to find common forms and documents needed by Lafayette High Mighty Lion Band members.

Medical Form sizing issue has been resolved.  

The medical form is now in PDF format and is located here. 

Band and Field staff  has been announced.


Congratulations To all. 

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Our directors use text messaging to the students/parents as a tool to quickly get updated information out.

The link below will allow you to sign up for text messages from LHS Band Directors.

You must sign up every new school year term.   

Link to sign up: